Annual Competition

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von Tom Watson habe ich den aktuellen Newsletter   –>   NDPS In Focus 3
zu den Aktivitäten der NDPS erhalten.
Zum Interclubwettbewerb wird uns Maurice Young in Kürze nähere Ausführungen schicken, wie das Thema „People“ (Menschen) zu verstehen ist.
Viele Grüße
Thank you Maurice for your informations about the interclub competition. We´ll join your proposal of judging in January 2018. It´s surely convenient for Pierre because the French are preparing their „Month of Phototographie“ starting at October 7 th. For all I know CPCN would like the judging to be done in January 2018 too. So we agree on your suggestion.
Please tell us if you make any restrictions to te topic of „People“. You can find them in the streets, on playgrounds, playing at the theatre, working in a hospital, etc. Or do you mean by „People“ only those who you meet in the street?
It´s a good idea to have Richard Jarrold bring the Koblenz´ prints this month. Please give hime my email-address so that we can arrange a meeting at Koblenz or Winningen.

Kind regards

Good evening Helmut and Pierre


My apologises for not having been in contact earlier but with the Annual NDPS exhibition and my son and his family being here for several weeks from Colorado I’ve had my hands tied and lost track of time…!

I’m hoping that both of you will agree to holding the competition between our theree Clubs in January next year.  Ideally we would like to hold the judging in Norwich on Tuesday the 30th January so would need your images at least a week before.


If you could confirm your OK with this I’ll pull together the guidelines for this year’s competition which has the overall theme of ‘People’.


Helmut – I’ve packed up the Koblenz prints displayed at the exhibition and will deliver them to Richard Jarrold who has promised to bring them with him when he leaves for Koblenz on 16th of this month.

Best regards, Maurice

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