Congratulations to FCKO

Hello Helmut

Yes, I did receive your email with the results of the competition attached, I apologise, I should have replied to you immediately. I received your email last Tuesday, the day when NDPS meets. I announced the result at our meeting and also printed out the spreadsheet and put it on our noticeboard so that all our members could see the scores.

Many thanks for organising this competition, we enjoyed it very much. Congratulations to FCKO on winning, your images were excellent. NDPS will have to try harder next year!

For family reasons I will not be the Competition Secretary for NDPS after April 2017, so I will not be organising the international competition next year. I believe that another member will take over this job. I will pass all the information about this year’s competition to him so that he will know what needs to be done, and I will give you his name and email address. Until then, if you want to contact NDPS please continue to send emails to me.

Thank you again for all your work organising this competition. Also I hope the work on your house went well.

Kind regards


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