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Dear Helmut

Thank you for your email.
I am attaching some photos from our exhibition, including one showing the panel of prints from Koblenz.  I will try to go back and take some more photos because because the flash on my camera was not working, and also I have not had time to correct the distortion, but at least they are a record.  I’ll send better versions later.
The first image shows a display panel with four of the late Alan Taylor’s prints in the centre together with some information about him, and the Foto-Club Koblenz prints around the outside.  There is also some information about FCKO, and since the photo was taken I have added a list of the FCKO print titles and photographers.  The 4th image is a display in a glass cabinet with a photograph of Alan and a selection of old cameras from his collection. The rest are general views.
Thank you very much for changing the size of the images for the digital competition, that is very helpful.  I hope this has not caused problems for FCKO and CPCN.
Seven people from NDPS  would like to meet you when you are in Norwich – Keith Garnham our Chairman, Mike Trendell, Ian McIntosh,  Maurice Young, Jim and Simone Massy, and myself.  Jim, who I believe you have met before, suggested that we have a meal together at the Park Farm Hotel at Hethersett near Norwich. He tells me that you had a meal there with some NDPS members once before when you came to Norwich.  So that is what we plan to do.  We have agreed to meet there at 19.00 for a meal at 19.30 on Tuesday 9th August.  I hope that this is OK for you.
I agree with you that the friendship between our clubs will continue, whatever happens between the UK and the EU.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Kind regards
On 16 Jul 2016, at 13:34, Helmut Wagner <hewako@web.de> wrote:
Dear Hazel,
thank you so much for all the information you wrote in your email.
I have informed the members whose prints are displayed in the NDPS exhibition. Thank you for the private invitation but unfortunately none of us can attend it. We would like you to take some pictures and send them to me.
As for our digital competition I´ll ask CPCN and our members to prepare their images by 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high. Our judgement will be on the 26 th September. So we are very close to each other.
I´m very pleased that you are arranging a meeting with some NDPS members in the evening on Tuesday 9 th August during my stay in Norwich. Visiting a pub for a drink and talking is a good idea.
Policy can´t influence the friendship between our two clubs. It´s always the people who get to  know each other and develop friendship that they want to maintain. When people from different nations meet personally an learn to appreciate and respect themselves without the prejudices of historical facts, then friendship can last for a long time. So will ours.
We didn´t really expect the UK to leave the EU and we were very disappointed. But now the decision is made. Anyway, I like coming to the UK, enjoying the polite and helpful people as well as the charming landscapes.
Kind regards
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