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 Hello Hazel.
On Monday evening we were having our general meeting and we decided for „Minimalist“ (Minimalist Design) as the topic of our interclub-competition.
You should take pictures which represent the essential or basic structures of objects in nature, architecture, or of people and objects. You shouldn´t take abstract features.
We are planning our jugement on June 13. Would this be convenient to you? That means that all digital pictures (20 of each club) should be available at the latest by June 12.
We have made the decision to invite 3 judges in order to get a balanced ratio on the fotos.
The size of each photo should be maximum 2000 pixels by the longest side (format: srgb).
If there are any further questions or objections concerning the date of judging, please let me know.
Kind regards
Bonjour Pierre,
nous avions notre assemblée générale lundi soir et nous avons dédidé „Minimaliste“comme thème de notre compétition d´interclubs.
Vous devriez prendre des photos qui représentent l´essentiel ou des structures de base des objets de la nature, de
l´architecture, des hommes et des objets en générale. Ne prenez pas des photos d´abstraites.
Notre jugement sera le 13 Juin. Est-ce que cela convient à vous? Il nous fallait vos 20 photos numériques le 12 juin au plus tard.
Nous allons inviter trois juges pour obtenir une échelle équilibrée des photos.
Chaque photo devrait avoir 2000 pixels au maximum de la coté la plus longue.
Prévenez moi si vous avez d´autres questions ou objections concernant la date du jugement.
Hello Hazel,
after your email I was calling Pierre Berthon from CPCN in order to learn about their date of judgement. Pierre told me that they would work on the theme „Minimalist“ until the end of June.
That´s why I have decided to give more time to produce the photos. So FCKO and CPCN would like the photos to be sent to each club by 20 September. We then will hold our judging on 24 September. Would you agree with this solution? So the period of judging would be from 24 September to 6 October.
I´ll give you further information later about the transmission of the photos (CD, upload homepage or email-attachment)
Kind regards
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